Donnerstag, 19. März 2009

It`s cold and dead birds fall from the sky

Alan Dubin (O.L.D.,Khanate) released a fantatsic album under the GNAW monicker last year, and I forgot to post this beast!It sounds like watching yourself in the mirror while your flesh and your skin is rotting away.Somewhere between drone,sludge and ambient perfectly mixed by James Plotkin (no introduction needed).
Dubins vocals beat his work for Khanate by far,here he sounds like he is dying in his own piss on the studio floor!
So everyone who feels like this is his music should get this!It`s awesome.

And thanks to my teammates for the great dedication and the massive posts!

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"This Face"

1.Haven vault
3.Talking mirrors
5.Backyard frontier
9.Byf (Reprise)



The Whale hat gesagt…

Yeah, the blog is running very well! (and I like it that because of Kesit there is some asian stuff going on!)

Hororo hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot for this, I was looking forward to this but needed to test it before buying.