Montag, 2. März 2009

Domestik Doktrin - Manufakturing Karma

This "Manufakturing Karma" EP was released under Parau Records in 2002 and now had becomes an influential legendary album from these best known Indonesian fastcore attackers - Domestik Doktrin. Consist of 9 tracks which are fast and furious also has a lot of old school elements to it, combined with brilliant sarcastic lyrics straight in your face. Domestik Doktrin maybe the one which are abble to prepackage some serious message with their snotty lyrics, and it was tottally work! Unforunatelly, the band has been disbanded in 2007. By the time, this "Manufakturing Karma" was being re-released by one of well known worldwide thrashcore label , 625 Thrashcore. For you who are into fast and thrashy music, this one will always be a must have.

Download Domestik Doktrin - Manufakturing Karma full album.


Lardass hat gesagt…

Thanks man! Looking forward to checking this out!

Kesit Agung Wijanarko hat gesagt…

@Lardass : This band is now being legendary thrashcore band in my country. Great Sarcasm Song writing.

genericblogname hat gesagt…

Im going to check this out looks cool great blog where exactly are you from?