Freitag, 13. März 2009

96` til infinity

When I was looking through my music collection buried in the attic I found this absolute death metal masterpiece from 1996.This band not only was the best german death metal band NO they even released the best german death metal album ever (and pretty much one of the best ever released).No fancy guitar olympics no progressive stupid math bullcrap - JUST DEATH METAL.
If you like GRAVE (especially "Soulless")or ENTOMBED ("To ride...."era)than you will be blown away I promise you this!I could listen to this album everyday a few times Its not getting boring!
They released 3 albums after that (2 on the major NUCLEAR BLAST) but only the second one was almost as good!Unfortunately when my band got their support slot for one CRACK UP show they split up, what a sad day for me................

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"Blood is Life"

1.Blood Is Life
6.Forever In Me?
7.Hatred Unfolds
8.Cycle Of Need
9.Painted Black
10.Fading Away

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Insane Riez hat gesagt…

Thank you for this one! There were too many crappy german death metal bands back in 1996, but this a fine jewel!

Leo hat gesagt…

I agree with Insane Riez about the fact that this is "a fine jewel" It realy is a great album, thanks!

....but i certainly do not agree about the "crappy german death metal bands"! Germans were/are one of the best in this genre, for example: 'MORGOTH' favourite!

HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

yeah morgoth were not my cup of tea but they are legends here in germany and they stood out!and still there are not that many good death metal bands!I really like NECROPHAGIST but thats more technical!