Freitag, 13. März 2009

96 revisited

You probably wonder why the hell I am posting this 96 bullshit again,and I can`t even answer this question its just that at this time many bands released albums that were different than their past efforts.
DESULTORY released "Swallow the Snake" a album hated by their old fans but loved by me!This was no ordinary death metal anymore they added a R´n`R edge and played a dirtier style, a fucking heavy rock style with DM elements!
This is an instant classic and should be heard by everyone!

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"Swallow The Snake"

1. Mushroom Smile
2. The Bitter Man
3. Before Today, Beyond Tomorrow
4. Swallow The Snake
5. In My Veins
6. Blizzard In My Blood
7. Zone Traveller
8. Beneath
9. King Of The Valley And The Western Sky
10. Nothing Dies
11. Silent Suffering

Take drugs kids!


lyrch hat gesagt…

I've been looking for this record for a while now. Thanks man!

d. hat gesagt…

lets see. thanks*

what do you think about the header?
take care*

d. hat gesagt…

i loved this one!
thank you.