Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2009

What the fuck has happened to the goddamn world!?

I watched Friday 13th yesterday,the new version of course.
I gave it a chance since the same team made a legit TCM remake a fe years ago.
But how can you fuck up such a simple formula?
Some Teen is fucking/taking drugs - Jason steps in and mangles him sadisticly-its really that simple.

Since when does Jason keep his victims in an underground hideout?
Since when does Jason lay traps and collect the corpses?

I think there are people who watched too many torture porn movies (but how can you blame them these are the only kind of "horror" movies that are coming out these days!)
OK OK there are hot boobs in this movie and some kills are cool (but very uninspired) and there is a weed field in the movie which made me cry.

So overall its a buttload of ass and no Jason fan should see it!
No one should put more money into Michal Bays greedy mouth.

What do you think people?

Ah and by the way heres the new fantastic EXTORTION EP enjoy!

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2.Just a matter of time
3.Cut short
4.Who cares
7.Libidinous grandmother

You german director douche go to hell for this!


m00k hat gesagt…

Several awesome posts in a row. Thanks for the tunes.

Chairmaker hat gesagt…

Thanks for this.

p.s. fuck eli roth.

dymon hat gesagt…

Jason actually keeps victims in an underground lair?! That's fucking retarded. Fuck Michael Bay in the goatass.

Also I only see 9 songs in the EP. I think the first song is missing.

Thank you for all the great music!

HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

fuck It has to be an fucking problem with the file cause my song number 1 is missing too!will fix it soon!thx for all the comments