Donnerstag, 19. Februar 2009

Time For Some More Cross-Dressing...

It's time for some more massive and slow droning riffs. Oracle was officially sold as an EP on tour but later on they decided to make a vinyl of it. The first song (Belülről Pusztít, a hungarian phrase meaning 'destroys from the inside') is a re-working of the track submitted to the Jukebox Budha compilation and can be described as somewhat ambient (jackhammer provided by Joe Preston). The second track (Orakulum) was commisiond by Violet Banks who has sculpted the entire Sunn O))) backline in salt and cast resin and played this song along with it. It's a more traditional Sunn O))) piece. The tour only bonus track/cd (Helio)))Sophist) is a collage of live recordings from the bands 2005 european tour assembled by Oren Ambarchi.

Oracle I

Belülről Pusztít
2) Orakulum

Oracle II

1) Helio)))Sophist

Let's go cross-dresssing!

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dymon hat gesagt…

Thank you very much for the Oracle II.