Montag, 9. Februar 2009

The subtle art of posting for no one

Well this starts out to be a sludgy year unfortunately I am too lazy to write a review to this amazing record I just got so this is what their website says!

DeathCrawl is the rotting husk of failed musical collaborations…

Rooted in the Northeast Ohio metal underground, the band was started by “BigMetal” Dave Johnson and Jason Luchka. A known cohort of Corey Bing (Fistula), BigMetal had played on and engineered releases from Son of Jor-El and King Travolta. He previously played bass in Cleveland hardcore/metal legends Ascension, and he currently handles bass duties for Cleveland thrashers, Soulless. Jason had been playing bass in bands so obscure even the underground was unaware of them (the Gingerdead Men; These Lakes, These Graves), toiling away in basements for the love of making music. Originally, their project featured Dave on guitar and Jason on bass, but after a few drummers came and went, Dave decided to switch to drums and take the project in a slower, darker direction. The name DeathCrawl came to mind because the intent was to play depressingly slow, low-tuned, crusty doom; an aesthetic that would eventually be altered as well.

After losing their first prospect to apathy and availability, Dave and Jason enlisted Damon Gregg as guitarist. Damon had previously worked with BigMetal, playing bass in Pistols At Dawn. He also spent time in A Better Lie and a number of other Akron bands. Damon’s technical ability and distinct guitar style added texture and dissonant melody to the bludgeoning rhythm section already in place.

Being a newcomer to drums, Dave was able to improve over time and they have since augmented the slow, crusty, doom with mid-tempo grooves and some faster thrash sections. It was decided early on, that no singer would be needed as the trio would each share in vocal duties. This allowed for drawn out instrumental sections that would not damage anyone’s ego and established a diverse vocal attack.

After over a year of writing and rehearsing, DeathCrawl has amassed nearly two-hours of face-melting, soul-smothering music, 74 minutes of which is crammed into their self-released debut, “The End Is Not Near Enough.” Take Sludge, Grind, Doom, Death, and Thrash… throw it all in a rusty wood-chipper and DeathCrawl is the bloody stump that’s left over.

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"The end is not near enough"

1. The Subtle Art of Going Nowhere
2. Lichen
3. November
4. A Moment of Fear
5. Flatline
6. Valley of the Kings
7. Failure is an Option
8. Anything but the Sun
9. Just End It
10. Deserted
11. Some Finale

Sludge is a terrible thing to taste!

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d. hat gesagt…

im really enjoying this one!
thanks for this man!
(i've been sick - got to post something in here)