Mittwoch, 11. Februar 2009

Southern Nihilism Front

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhh something impossible of the best black metal albums of 2009 comes out of Texas!
Not that I have something against Texas its just that when I think of black metal its always I think of frosty mountains and (gay) guys looking like fucking pandas and shit.
But these guys manage to combine the perfection and craziness of ABSU with the retarded sound of the almighty BEHERIT and it sounds awesome!Its groovy, its sick, its out of this world!

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"Southern Nihilizm"

1. The Cauldron Born
2. Shattered and Crowned in Deceit
3. Amongst the Filth
4. Halo of Fliez )
5. 5 Chambers Empty
6. Pillz and 90 Proof
7. A Shank in the Guts
8. Southern Nihilizm
9. War, Whiskey, Sodomy

OK the cover is unrecognizable.....fuck that!


d. hat gesagt…

i loved the review! :)
dudue i got to check this out!
your review blazed me...

(man, i have to post something - fuck! - i had some family problems and it sucks! still.
that why im not posting nothing.
i will post something heavy for you man!)

thanks, d.

HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

thx dude.its a really great record!but believe me I will post an even better BM record soon!^^