Freitag, 20. Februar 2009

Some stupid list...

OK OK OK as promised here is my stupid worthless list of my 25 top albums 2008 (in alphabetical order).I bet most of them came out in 2007 but I am too stoned to look it up!

ARCKANUM - Antikosmos
What a great album.It sounds a little like KHOLD but groovier and more intense only a few black metal bands sound like them,in fact no one sounds like this.Great band great album not much more to say!

I can`t find words to describe this outstanding band and I really don`t want to hype them more then they already are.Let the music do the talking!

CARPATHIAN - Isolation
Finally some HC band dares to break rules and to create something new without being emo or screamo or what the fuck I know.It`s an organic raw perfect written album and can`t be ompared to nothing else.

COLD WORLD - Dedicated to babies who came feet first
This is my record of the year because it reminds me of the good ol HC days ( and I don`t mean the 80ies,I think of the mid 90ies)no metal bullshit, no emo crap just HC with a big BIOHAZARD influence (Mata Leao era) and a big slap of LIFE OF AGONY (River Runs Red era).FUCKING AWESOME

DARKTHRONE - Darkthrones & Black Flags
I don`really have to say anything, except that Iove how they changed from mediocre BM albums to that kindergarten metal style!

DOES IT OFFEND YOU,YEAH? - You have no idea what you are getting yourself into
What a retarded bandname but this record is so damn sweet that I am listening to it every day.Of course it`s not the evil music I post on this evil blog but it`s worth to be posted on here.Imagine JUSTICE jams with LCD SOUNDSYSTEM in a lo-fi punkish way!Great fucking album believe me.

EXTREME NOISE TERROR - The Law of retaliation
They are back and lost their metal edge but they still blast the posers to smithereens and thats a good feeling.

ILL BILL - The Hour of reprisal
It was a long time that his fans had to wait until the follow up to the masterpiece "Whats wrong with Bill" was released.When it finally came out I was disappointed by this album but I learned to love it.It needs a few spins but then it will blow you away!

This guy is awesome.When nobody was counting on any good rap albums last year he sneaked up from behind and fucked all those crunk/southern bullshit wussies in their loose assholes.This is a mindblowing record with deep lyrics and beyond this world beats.

JUSTICE - A Cross the universe
Justice plays an incredible live set and everybody is sweating on the dancefloor - what a treat!

KHANATE - Clean hands go foul
I thought this band was dead but they are not!Slow,sick and twisted!

KHOLD - Hundre ar gammal
Check my post and you will know everything about this album.

KINGS OF LEON - Only by the night
I know what everybody thinks-HUANSOAHN must be a freakin`retard to name this album.But you are only partially right.This band is great I love every goddamn album they made and this one is no exception so fuck off and give them a try even if the are in the charts!

MELVINS - Nude with boots
This album can`t compete with the absolute MELVINS masterpiece "Senile Animal" but it can compete with all the other bullshit coming out so it`s gonna be on this fucking list!

NACHTMYSTIUM - Assassins : Black Meddle Part I
I really liked this band before but when this motherfucker came out I started to love`em.BM mates with Pink Floyd.OUTSTANDING

OVERCAST - Reborn to kill again
Check the post to learn more!

SOULWAX - Nite Versions Live
Look up JUSTICE and you know what I have to say!

They started as an ordinary metalcore band but became a beautiful rock/grunge/metal bastard with calm and disturbing creations beyond your imagination.

THE OCEAN - Precambrian
A modern masterpiece of music with a groundbreaking lyrical theme about prehistoricism.

THE SWORD - Gods of the earth
This needs no explanation at all!But "Age of winters" was better.

TORCHE - Meanderthal
Blablabla sludge blablabla pop blablabla Floor.To sum it up: Fucking awesome!

TRAP THEM - Seizures in this barren praise
Oh god how I love this band.Mixing upt Entombed with crust and HC with a punk attitude.God bless DEATHWISH records.

UNITED NATIONS - United Nations
This is supposed to be some sort of supergroup but I don`t give a flying donkey turd about the members!The music is awesome so who cares who is making it.It`s powerviolence mixed with a little emo (yes I like it!) and grindcore.It knocks you out.

WHITECHAPEL - This is exile
Deathcore was the worst name I heard in 08 so don`t let the people talk shit into your minds about this record.For me it`s just death metal and thats the way it should be treated.As an great death metal album!

WU-TANG CLAN - 8 Diagrams
The Clan was the soundtrack to my whole entire worthless life.Starting out in 1994 with "36 Chambers" and ending with this monolith.I don`t know what the Clans future will bring but hopefully they get together again in a few years and record another great album like this ( and every single album before!).This album almost didn`t get any promo but thats ok cause all those rap kids of today are to stupid to enjoy real rap!Fuck Them.


d. hat gesagt…

i don't read everything...but just so say: hey man, leave the drugs! :)

well, this is not stupid... for what i saw there are great album in here.
great taste.

sorry my english, im stoned too ^^

HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

hehe my english is not perfect aswell...bbut hey we should meet to consume together sometime^^but I guess you are not lving around the corner^^thx for the comment

d. hat gesagt…

i would love to. yah i live in portugal, and it sucks.
dude, i have a proposal for you:
a new header design by me.
what do you think?

The Whale hat gesagt…

Haha, I must admit I also know only a couple of the records on your list.

dgen hat gesagt…

Was gibt!

Justice is sweet, just bought that live album... mmm soo good. If you like justice HUA, you must like digatalism and Vitalic?