Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2009

Loud Fast Drunk

Kalv and Steve from Heresy are now driving thrashing again with former members of Hard to Swallow and Iron Monkey. A very straight-into-the-point hardcore punk.Nothing more to say.

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"Kill the pose"

1.People Are Stupid
2.Life Half Over
3.Scene Creation
4.Tired Old Two-Face
5.Cupboard Of Shame
6.To Lie, Cheat And Abuse
7.Radioactive Dinner
8.Drunk It All Away
9.The Return Of Rubbish Past
10.I Never Wanted Friends
11.Kill The Pose
12.Little Voice Of Reason
14.Gotta Make A Friend?
15.Black Dog
16.It's Time To Choose
17.Too Dumb To Learn
20.Can't Sleep
21.Bogus Track 1
22.Bogus Track 2

Too drunk to give a fuck!


Batguano hat gesagt…

Yes! This band does it right! I only have the 12", so thanks for the extra tracks!

HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

hey this is the 12" plus the split and some other shit!