Montag, 9. Februar 2009

Lardass wants some music

So Lardass here you go I hope it will satisfy you for now!A great fucking album thx for pointing me at this band!It has members of IRON MONKEY & ACRIMONY in it.Crust,Fuzz,Doom,Sludge,Punk puked onto a pile of dogshit thats what it sounds like.
For fans of: Hard to Swallow,Raging Speedhorn,Murder 1,Charger and other UK sickos!

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"No Hope No Future No Worries"

1.Bite The Snake
2.One Of Us
3.Beaten Down, Rising Up
4.Hard Hands, Bad Wounds
5.Hick Fight
6.No Hope, No Future, No Worries
8.The Big Sleep
9.Capitalise On This
10.Jack Flag



Lardass hat gesagt…

Awesome! Thank you!

d. hat gesagt…

can you re-post this? thanks