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Doom is the soul of metal

I have to post these two amazing doom records but since I have no time to up them.Instead I just stole the links from other blogs I hope thats ok!

First one is:
Amazing first album of this band. Their style is Funeral Doom with ultra dense atmosphere, cavernous growls, ultra slow tempo mixed with some fast passages. The guitars are heavy with melodic riffs, and some Black riffs. The melodies are very well performed, accompanied by oppressive keyboards. Really one of the best releases of the year, magnificent fuck*** work. This album was released on October 30th. Highly recommended!!!

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2.In my Final Hour of Grief
3.The Scent of Withered Flowers
4.Perpetual Solitude

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Second one:

Taking their name from the homicidal religious fanatics from early 17th Century, the settlers who colonized America in the name of God on the expense of the Pequot indians lives, Finland’s The Puritan just might be the heaviest band you will ever hear.

It is not known who are responsible for The Puritan’s plodding, nihilistic doom dirge, but hereby be warned that their aural assault overwhelms the senses and evoke fear and despair in the listeners. Their slow, exceedingly heavy, sometimes minimal and other times unexpected and at times evilly ethereal music leaves very little in its wake.

Cold, bleak and crushing “Lithium Gates” is a compilation of The Puritan’s two previous limited edition 12” vinyl albums “The Puritan” and “The Black Law”, both released by Swedish label I Hate Records. “Lithium Gates” is an aural disavowment of mankind, The Puritan is focused almost completely on the hatred and rejection of mankind and the death of current culture. No catharsis here, no light. Not a good time doo-wop-shooby-doo record by any means.

And there won’t be much of a doo-wop-shooby-doo to be expected after the release of “Lithium Gates” either. When this production is finished an album, “At The Heart Of The Hostile World”, will be recorded for Weird Truth (Japan). After this another album for Spikefarm will be recorded, titled “Sailing the Seas of Satan”. There are also plans to record and album with Yoshiko Ohara (vocalist of Bloody Panda, NY, USA). All music for this album is composed and ready to be recorded. Besides those mentioned above there is music composed for 3 more full length albums.

Woe to the mankind, for the doom is upon us.

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"Lithium Gates"

1. Opposite the Fireplace - The Wall of Shotguns
2. The Stars above us are all Evil
3. The Sulphur-Coloured Clouds are hurrying through the Lithium Gates
4. The Sepulchral God holding a speech for the Moribund
5. Those who sow in tears shall reap in Joy
6. The Breathing Room
7. It is your own Decision to Respect Life
8. Why did you say that Summer was Dying
9. We have to be awake when they come
10. The touch of Kindbess knows no Kingdom
11. The Blue and Purple Lesson in Love 6

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