Freitag, 27. Februar 2009

DOM 65 - Secret Warehouse

When there was a question like, "would it be there an Indonesian punk's band who got the same musical quality as clasicalls Sex Pistols, Sham 69, Buzzcock, Cock Sparrer, etc?". And DOM 65 with their "Secret Warehouse" EP would be the right answer. Formed in Yogyakarta Indonesia in 1997, after some album released, finally DOM 65 change their musical direction into 80's rock revere to band like Pink Floyd, and even they did a cover song from Pink Floyd entitled : "Shine on you Crazy diamond". But as the band always say, that 77 punkrock and Oi! tune would always be inside the soul of DOM 65. But they did being influented by 80's rock heros all at once. And the real result : The music stands among Hardrock, Punk, Avantgarde Rock, Progressive Rock, but still running on the main track of punkrock. Containing 4 tracks, "Secret Warehouse" EP would be very enjoyable when you listen to it while a bottle of hard wine handled in your hand.

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