Freitag, 27. Februar 2009

Dead Vertical - Infecting The World

They are trio from east Jakarta, indonesia, playing european Grindcore with maximum skill. "Infecting The World" is their second full length after their first full length entitled "Fenomena Akhir Jaman' released in the begining of 2004 and their mini album " Global madness" ( Released in the end of 2007 ). Dead Vertical is one of the best grindcore band in Indonesia, good sound, powerfull throat, everything that a grindcore band can give. They reach their best chance when selected as a opening act for Napalm Death show in 2007. "Infecting The World" contain 21 powerfull and heavy tracks including intro and outro in the begining and the end of the album, lyrics mostly written in english but there are some tracks that written in indonesian languange as "Polemik", "Buta", and "Elit". In conclusion, i can say that this one is a must to be heard, for you who are into to Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Misery Index and Repulsion.

Download Dead Vertical - Infecting The World full album


d. hat gesagt…

i think i i know this one.
but i can't remeber it.
got to listen agsin.
it's seems brutal.
thank you kesit

d. hat gesagt…

im listening and im already liking it!
thanks kesit.

d. hat gesagt…

im here again.
just to thank you again.
i really enjoy Dead Vertical.

HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

great stuff!

Kesit Agung Wijanarko hat gesagt…

Well d., you're welcome, Dead Vertical would be in their recording session for the next album. I'll let you know later.

dymon hat gesagt…

Good find. Thanks for introducing me to this band.

Tria hat gesagt…

I love their songs!