Sonntag, 8. Februar 2009

Born again for the first time

I love UNEARTHLY TRANCE did I mention this before?
I hope you all enjoy my collection of their Extended Plays and sampler contributions.
If anything is missing in this collection please tell me.

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EP`s & other shit

1.Lord Humanless Awakens
2.Summoning The Beast

from "Lord Humanless Awakens/Summoning the Beast EP (2001)"

1.Vitriolic Veracity vs The Vortex
2.Frost Walk With Me

from "V.V.V.V./Frost Walk with Me EP (2003)"

1.Oceans Expand
2.Branches Of Anti-Gravity

from "The Axis Is Shifting EP (2007)"

2.Phoenix Undead

from "Eleven Are the Voices EP (2007)"


from "Psychological Operations Split with Suma (2008)"

1.Long Gone (Syd Barrett Cover)

from "Like black holes in the Sky : A tribute to Syd Barrett (2008)"

1.Shinobi (EYEHATEGOD Cover)

from "For the sick: A tribute to EYEHATEGOD (2007)"

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m00k hat gesagt…

Thanks for this. Any chance you might have Pollution - Nasty DNA? If you've never heard it's Ryan's side project and pretty damn awesome.