Samstag, 21. Februar 2009

Authentic shit

You read the band name and you might think you know whats awaiting you?
Right brutal death grind BUT this is definitely one of my records 2009!I haven`t heard a grind/death metal band with so much soul in years,it`s hard to explain what I mean.Just listen to this japanese band with their guttural low gurgles and high pitched hysteric`s MINDBLOWING I am not lying!

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1.The Art Of Disembowel Plan
2.Radical Elements
4.Cranial Endorphin For Manic
7.Reaped The Shafts
8.Palvelized Blood
9.Affect Under Festered Skin
10.Teratogenic Fetal Fury
12.Force Vent Raid



Lardass hat gesagt…

Thanks...I'm always looking for new Grind!

d. hat gesagt…

ahahah. nice review.
it's a shame im not im my house. got to listen this one. death grind from japan...hum...
thanks for the post
see you man.

ps. hope youre high, cuz i am too. got to smoke one with you. take care dude

HUANSOAHN hat gesagt…

nothing to smoke here buddy!fucking working sucks ass,gonna organize some green tomorrow!

d. hat gesagt…

i havent heard this one yet but i will. hug

d. hat gesagt…

(i listen)
some kickass shit is here.
thanks man