Samstag, 21. Februar 2009

AK//47 - Barricades Close The Street, But Open The Way.

Here it go, my first post on this blog. Ok, i'll give you a review of a Grindcore band from my country, Indonesia. It was Named : AK//47, Come up with their second full length that released in November 2007 by Grindcore Ninja Commando Team & Reservoir Records.Consist of 13 fast & loud tracks that well kept with raging drumming, simply three chords riffting and double kick right in your face. AK//47 brings a alot of political and social issue with their lyrics which were written in metaphoric style.Formed in 1999, their music has been crossing over from punk rock, hardcore to grindcore. There are many style inside this one, it seem that they try to find a healthy mix for their music and bang it to the edge with simple and straight lyrics. In some tracks also you can see that AK//47 very influenced by some NYHC bands like Sick Of It All, you can checkt at the 9th track : Slave Who Wears Brown - It's another anti cop's song that played fast with simply riffs and Hardcore beat in common. It's quietly differrent with the 1st track that sound so grindcore revere to bands like Hellnation, Yacobsae, etc.But Overall, this is grindcore for sure! For you who are into "Gone in 60 seconds" music, check it out. Or contact them at :
As i informed, AK//47 are in their recording session for the thirth full length that would be relased in the midlle of this year.

Download AK//47 - Barricades Close The Street, But Open The Way full album

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