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Yes, I don`t want this!

Anselmo was a busy man,instead of recording another new album with the kings of fucking metal (PANTERA of course)he was here and there recording obscure albums with black metal legends that never happen!Ok there was SOUTHERN ISOLATION which had a cool EP,NECROPHAGIA released their best material when Phil was on guitar,SUPERJOINT RITUAL kicked fucking ass,CHRIST INVERSION were sick but very good.But there was a mystical project called VIKING CROWN.Back then when I got their first record "Unorthodox Steps of Riual" from my cousin on tape, I thought "hey its a very good BM record with lo-fi shitty but atmospheric sound and great songs". No one knew at the time that it was only Phil who recorded all the instruments under his monicker Anton Crowley (stupid shit).There was no internet and the zines were ripping this record apart.After the second release "Innocence from hell"everybod knew that Phil was in the band but instead of getting this record done alone he asked his two best buddies Killjoy(Necrophagia,Eibon and a million more bands) and his wife at the time Opal Weinstein (Southern Isolation,Necrophagia) to join him.And it was a good record too even the third installment "Banished Rhythmic Hate" was good very good I would say.
So I bring you nothing rare from VIKING CROWN because I don`t have anything else by them.But I bet there are a few people who had never heard of this band and some trve kvlt BM fans who should check this out.I mean at the time the first album came out Phil was the singer for one of the most succesfull metal bands in the world,and he released an underground BM(!) album without anyone noticing it!

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(Killjoy stoned as always,Opal that hottie and Mr.Kvlt himself also stoned as always)

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"Unorthodox Steps of Ritual"

2.Asmodeus Rising
3.Satan Ruler of Earth
4.Lust and Destruction
5.The Judas Goat
6.Unorthodox Steps of Ritual
8.Invocation Toward the Conjuration of Black Souls

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"Innocence From Hell "

1.Intro: Song of Sadus
2.Innocence From Hell
3.The Burning Embers of Mockery
4.Birth of the Devil Fetus
5.The Red Flames of Sin
6.Overlords of Infinite Depression
7.The Long and Mighty Reign of Satan
8.Raped by an Angel
9.The Seventh Storm of the Blood Demon
10.The Gathering
11.Outro: The Blood of Sadus

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"Banished Rhythmic Hate"

1.Christianity Has No Chance
2.Possessed (From Within)
3.Banished Rhythmic Hate
4.Contemplating the Pitch Black
5.View of a Desolate Wasteland
6.Swallowed by Black Mass
7.Accepting the Rise of Satanism
8.Unspoken Vows of a Midnight Offering
9.Draped in Treachery
10.The Woods Own Countless Voices
11.Poisoned by the Blood of Christ

Note that some songs have the exact same riffs as Superjoint Ritual songs!


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