Montag, 19. Januar 2009

Pretty Little Download

The best grindcore record of 2008 and one of the best ever!Released on germanys finest gc label Power it up!
You`re dumb if you don`t get it.

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"Crushing Fury of Bastardization"

1. Crushing Fury of Bastardization
2. A Walkin Hell
3. Hellshredder
4. Sleep When I'm Dead
5. Seize Your Fate
6. Point of Impact
7. Unseen Deceiver
8. Retardation Hatred
9. Wrath of Intensity
10. Siempre Yo
11. Ironic Curse of Possession
12. Eternally Numb
13. Massacred in Totality
14. Necessary Neglect
15. Boiling in Idiocy
16. Wall of Ancient Stone
17. Lost the Fight
18. Fighting the Urge (Live)
19. Terror Alert (Live)
20. Worn Thin (Live)
21. Strangled in Icy Dreams (Live)
22. The Highest Honor (Live)
23. Concrete Justice (Live)
24. Dissolition of Rghts Part 2 (Live)

Gaahl is gay...


d. hat gesagt…

hey dude, some problem with ghaal being gay?

he's a great man!
got my respect.

alonzo hat gesagt…

muchos gracias jefe