Dienstag, 27. Januar 2009

Enter the 99 chambers

Dymon requested this awesome discography of this awesome band so he gets what he deserves!
They hail from Perth, Australia and they should satisfy fans of Siege, Infest, Crossed out, Negative FX, Poison Idea, Dwarves, Napalm Death, Negative Approach, Righteous Pigs, Repulsion, Black Flag and other stuff.
They will not only satisfy you they will be a great addition to your music collection.
I guess this is their complete discography!

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1. Liar
2. Pull The Pin
3. Do It Yourself
4. Inside
5. Extortion
6. Fuse
7. Hate Your Guts
8. Mindless Violence
9. Boot Ride
10. Night Shift
11. Repeat

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1. Arson
2. Lose Control
3. The Beginning of the End
4. Get Fucked
5. Degenerate
6. Life Under Lies
7. The Rising Tide
8. No Such Luck
9. Overwhelmed
10. Curb Crawl
11. I Got Mine
12. Deluded
13. 4 Outta 5
14. Windows
15. Manhunt
16. Maniac
18.Messed Up
19.You`re next...

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1. H5N1
2. Infection
3. Wake Up Fucked
4. Phone In Sick
5. Overrun
6. Fever
7. Defensive
8. Vomit
9. Medication
10. Delusional
11. Bedridden
12. Losing Battle
13. Body Failure
14. Last Breath
15. Rot

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"Control" EP

1.No Motive
4.Curl Up And Die
5.Bound and Gagged
6.Mountain of Shit

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"Agents of Abhorrence" Split

1.Falling Apart
4.Bloodshot Eyes
5.Wrong Again
6.All Fucked Up

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"Rupture" Split

1.Shit For Brain
2.Fucked In The Head

If you like it give me a comment!


dymon hat gesagt…

Thank you very much for the Extortion!

LIO hat gesagt…

This stuff absolutely rips, one of my favorite bands at the moment. I've been looking for the split w/ AoA, thanks dude.

frenchfriedfeces hat gesagt…

Thanks for exposing me to this band. I was attracted by your comparison to Poison Idea, but from what i've heard so far, only the Control EP has any resemblance to my ears. Either way...it's good stuff. I just found your blog the other day. I'm gonna spend the next few days going through it. Thanks for the effort!

P.S. You'd prolly get more appreciative comments from people if you let them comment anonymously.