Freitag, 16. Januar 2009

Canadian Slüdgemeister Invasion

First of all thanks to everyone for the comments!

OK I completey forgot to post the best goddamn sludge record of 2008 on my blog but I hope you can forgive me!And again it wasn`t posted on the Sludge Swamp (shame on you Cheeto!).
The title of this post reveals the mysterious origin of this band.EVERYONE who is into sludge or even calls himself a rocker should download this its really outstanding and it will knock the shit out of your ass!

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"Mother Armageddon,Healing Apocalypse"

1.Final Days Of Doom
2.Demon Crippler
3.Hearts Burning
4.Becoming Machines
5.The Funeral
7.Hunting The Ghost
8.Possessed Obsessed
9.Doom Lord Pusher
10.Where The Demons Dwell
11.Smoking Your Exorcism

(oops I accidently linked the original source link of this record so if the original poster is offended by this please sue me!)


Insane Riez hat gesagt…

Thank You!!! What a great album. I've read some reviews, now I finally heard it. I hope they will come soon to Europe for some shows.

Cheeto hat gesagt…

Actually, I have this album, just never got around to posting it. I have 1000's of albums I just never got around to posting. I would have to quit my job and have like 10 computers uploading all the time to keep up with everything. So, thank you, my brother, for turning the world on to this jewel.

TONA hat gesagt…

Great stuff, thanx for posting this!