Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2009

Animal names!

Just read this:

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Steve Watson (Iron Monkey) - Guitar
Jay Graham (Skyclad) - Drums
Ben Ward (Orange Goblin) - Vocals
James Kiely (GBH) - Guitar
Frazer Craske (Sabbat) - Bass

This is their EP and their Demo/Rehearsal shit!Great raw thrash/Venom style black metal with Discharge influences!
Check`em out and a happy new year to everyone of course!

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"Militia of blood sacrifice" EP

1.Panzer Maniac
2.Imperial Leather
3.Exploding The Steel
4.Dead Crow Mantle

"Black Lodge Session"

1.Five witches of nine
2.Hearse Fokker
3.Neon Parasite
4.Diabolical Genesis Reduction

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