Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2009

99 miles of dead blogs

Is it just my shitty blog or are the kids tired of communicating with each other on blogs.Is it not hip anymore to give someone a thank you?I don`t know but obviously many people downloaded much of the crap I posted without even telling me if they liked it!But I know it`s not just my problem it`s the problem of many other bloggers.

But hey I am here to post some good music and thats what the next post is about.
THE DEVIL`S BLOOD is a female fronted classic rock,psychedelic doom band from Eindhoven,Netherlands.
They released a demo in 2007 and an EP called "Come Reap" in 2008.I know I said it a thousand times but this stuff is amazing and it was not already posted on Sludge Swamp.
Imagine Jefferson Airplane,Coven,Blue Cheer,Arthur Brown and Black Sabbath smoking pot together while humping the devil up his tight ass (dry of course).
So get it for free and if you are into commenting every bullshit someone does or say on the intercrap why don`t comment on a good post on an nice blog like this!
Thanks for reading.

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1. The Graveyard Shuffle
2. Christ or Cocaine
3. The Anti Kosmik Magick
4. It's On


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"Come Reap" EP

1. Come reap
2. River of gold
3. The heavens cry out for the devil’s blood
4. White faces (Rory Erickson cover)
5. Voodoo dust



d. hat gesagt…

youre the man!
i just fucking agree with you...

gonna check this out.


The Whale hat gesagt…

Sounds interesting, definitely going to download this one!

I was actually going to say something like that in a post.
I mean, at least I get some comments at my blog, sometimes. But here, almost no one comments. It's a real shame!

P.S.: Did you get my email with your account info in it huansoahn?

Hororo hat gesagt…

I don't use your blog very often but when I did I didn't took the time to thank you for uploading the music so : Thank you very much.

harry lime hat gesagt…

the return of the son of a bitch ! devil´s blood sind definitiv der Hammer . hoffe die jungs und das mädel hauen bald ´nen album raus - cheers man - harry lime

dymon hat gesagt…

If it makes you feel better I check your blog once a day. THANK YOU for all the good stuff.

Cheeto hat gesagt…

Thanx for this band! Really good...

Z hat gesagt…

AHH! Thanks for posting the demo, I have the full length, really good stuff! Evil/kvlt!