Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2008

Der Kulden Rår

Hello children KHOLD are back to fuck your ass with broken glass again!After these guys split up in 2005 to reanimate their project TULUS,they decided to reanimate their main band basically that`s the whole story.KHOLD are unique, genius and pure evil.Some call them black metal some call them black sludge I call it fucking great music!They stand out they don`t play this lo-fi three chord tape deck style no imagine a little modern SATYRICON and an assload of HELLHAMMER and you nearly got it!But still they are outstanding and those are only little waypoints to describe their music.Get this record listen to this and then just buy it!It`s worth your fucking money.

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"Hundre År Gammal"

1. Der Kulden Rår
2. Forrykt
3. Hundre År Gammal
4. Mester Og Trell
5. Troløs
6. Rekviem
7. Sann Ditt Svik
8. Villfaren
9. Bønn
10. Kor
11. Straff

And for those who don`t understand a fucking word of this clown language here`s a translation of the titles:

1. Where the Cold Reigns
2. Mad, Cracked
3. Hundred Years Old
4. Master and Thrall
5. Faithless
6. Requiem
7. See Your Betrayal
8. Stray
9. Prayer
10. Choir
11. Punishment

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