Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2008

Lysergik Live Procession

So here I am full-time again after a dead, dry period of nothing happening on this blog I will try to get back to my old drive and hopefully my blogmates will move their busy asses over here...
By the way this is a DOWN concert from 2002 in Scottsdale its a funny gig fueled by Anselmos stupidness (you all know I love this guy!)so check this sucker out I have an assload of DOWN bootlegs so just give me a shout and I`ll do what I can bootlegwise!

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Live Scottsdale 2002

02.The seed/Theres something on my side
03.Temptations wings
05.Lysergik funeral procession
07.Ghost along the mississippi
08.Learn from this mistake
09.Beautifully depressed
10.Lies, I don't know what they say but....
11.New Orleans is a Dying Whore
12.Stone the Crow
13.Eyes of the South
14.Bury Me in Smoke


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