Dienstag, 19. August 2008

Some one man inferno

Joe from the one man sludge outfit DALETH asked me to post his tracks from the BLUESHIFT split.From what I`ve heard so far this stuff is very good but let`s see what he has to say about his band:

"DALETH is the "solo project" from Joe Merrill (Rowdy Towdy, Noah's Apathy, Maniac, Esteem, City of Liars, Centaurus, etc.). Unlike his previous efforts, DALETH explores a dark, revealing cycle throughout every song. Each note, faced by doom, follows an epic adventure. In a sea of drowning talent, DALETH incorporates several unique influences into it's excursion. Fans of: ISIS, ENVY, MONO, COALESCE, and FLOOR take note!"

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Blueshift Split

1. Death Drop
2. Dominion of Darkness
3. Friends of Tax Collectors
4. Fire Priggers
5. Wooden Habeas
6. Tomb of the Worm

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and also check out his MySpace his website and DALETH`s label

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Thanks for posting this! You rule!