Freitag, 8. August 2008

Call Me The Whale

So here I am, The Whale, with my first contribution to this blog, starting with some sludge.
These two EP's are the only recordings AsbestosDeath ever made. As you might know, AsbestosDeath started out with Al Cisneros on bass, Chris Hakius on drums and Tom Choi on guitar. Matt Pike joined later on second guitar. After Tom Choi left (to form Nootgrush), the band recruited Justin Marler and changed their name to sleep. The first Ep, Dejection, was released on Profane Records. The second, Unclean, was self-released by the band. In 2007, Southern Lord records reissued Asbestos Death's two 7"s on CD and 10" vinyl. I couldn't find a picture for the Unclean EP so I used the one from the reissue for both.


1) Nail
2) Scourge

1) Anguish
2) The Suffering

The Whale

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