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I be that one huero loco psyclone in la mente Claimin el tereno feelin muy excelente

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HUANSOAHNs list for people that dont have their own opinion.

NAILS - Abandon All Life
If you want music to drill holes into human heads to, this is your record.

GHOSTFACE KILLAH - Twelve Reasons To Die/The Brown Tape
Both versions are supreme,cant really decide which is better.

BLIND TO FAITH - Under The Heptagram EP 
Belgiums finest are back!

GORE ELOHIM - Electric Lucifer
Goretex of NON PHIXION is back with a bang.

Good to see these guys back.Nobody will probably listen or buy this record because you`re too busy listening to VOLBEAT honkeytonkcore.KILL YOURSELF!

ILL BILL - The Grimey Awards

THE RIVAL MOB - Mob Justice
If you like good music this is your record.

What a banger!

HCs hardest are back with a bang!

DAFT PUNK - Random

Best of, or something...........

So here is our stupid list in case you are able to read.

BYF Top 10 Records of 2013

Incendiary – Cost Of Living
Phenomenal album from this devastating Long Island outfit. They bring the game another level higher with this one. Brendan biting like a pitbull, lyrics that'll make you reel for weeks, Dan Lomelli setting the bonecrushing pace,  Dan Terr pacing the mixture while Brian Audley and Rob Nobile add explosive finishes to this beast. Prepare to smash your knuckles to pulp against a wall or a person.  Greatest album of 2013 by far. 

Revenge – Hymns Of Annyhilation
Some of you might know this band, some of you might not. If you don't I strongly suggest you do check em out.

Multiple Truths – No One Wins

Hopeless – Highlands EP

Back and Forth – Mercer Ave

Relentless – Turn The Curse

Man the Machetes – Idiokrati

Turnstile – Step to the Rhythm

Sleepshaker – Make Amends, Start Again

Continents – Idle Hands

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Fuck Off (Version .014)

Your favorite blog has a new member please welcome Miha. 

I hope the two people who still use this blog to get good music (because otherwise they wouldnt know what to listen to) have the worst year ever.

Fuck off to anyone still visiting without saying HI.

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