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Dienstag, 23. Dezember 2014

Eternal War

New release from one of my favourite current bands.FO feature SOUL SEARCHs singer on vocals and are pretty reminiscent of his main band.This record is brutal and heavy, probably the hardest thing Revelation has ever released.

Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2014

Life of my own

BIG CONTEST are a new band from the USA.They play HC on the verge to thrash metal.Mid 80s NY sound done at its best!


Sacramentos heavyhitters HOODS have released their newest record YAY!Guess what - its here for free in form of an illegal download!

Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2014

The No Funeral PodTape Vol. 6

Back for more. You know the deal with these. Let's do this!


Bart Simpson, The Simpsons intro, Borat Sagdiyev, Grandpa Simpson, Brick Top, Marge and Homer, Grandpa Simpson, Inglewood Jules, Bart Simpson, Grandpa Simpson, Jay and Silent Bob, Grandpa Simpson, Shreveport's Finest, JD from the Lench Mob, Grandpa Simpson, Todd Flanders, Soldier at Ft. Springfield, Turkish and Tommy, Bart Simpson, The Simpsons outro.


Death From Above 1979 - "Trainwreck 1979"
Brutal Truth - "Dementia"
50 Cent and Lil Kim - "Magic Stick"
Sick Of It All - "Maladjusted"
Burnt by the Sun - "You Will Move"
High on Fire - "10,000 Years"
Earth Crisis - "Broken Foundation" (live)*
Powerman 5000 - "Organizized" (live)*
System of a Down - "B.Y.O.B."
THE HELL - "It's THE motherfucking HELL (you dick)"
King810 - "Desperate Lovers"
Madball - "D.I.F.M.M./Show No Fear"
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - "I Bet Heaven Looks A Lot Like Talledega"
Nasum - "Scoop"
Megadeth - "This Was My Life"

* both songs recorded live at the 1996 Ozzfest in San Bernardino, CA.

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Fuck... I'm Dead repost for Crucial Chris

Fuck... I'm Dead
Bring On The Dead
Razorback Records

Like the title of the post implies, Crucial Chris requested this about a month ago (maybe longer), I fell asleep at the switch, but I'm feeling much better now. Anyway, here's what's likely the best release ever on Razorback Records, although that label did release the early Ghoul albums. Fuck... I'm Dead is from Australia, uses a drum machine, and totally kills your ears with the most intense grindcore this side of Insect Warfare. Check it out!

Fuck... I'm Dead - Bring On The Dead


Heavy Drag - "LSD"

Heavy Drag
"LSD" single

Today, I've got another surprise for you, courtesy of the Tony Soprano of the music blogger family, Buddyhead's Travis M. Keller. Miami's Heavy Drag plays an interesting blend of psychedelic sludge/grunge but with a "beautiful music" spin on the whole thing. My mental picture of "LSD" is yacht-rock icon Christopher Cross tripping balls out on Lake Travis, maybe Lake Conroe. The point of this is, in spite of the familiar sounds of the song, Heavy Drag is a disorienting take on rock music. I mean that in the nicest and best way possible.

The "LSD" single was released on Buddyhead Records last week. Click here to purchase said record from the Buddyhead website. In the meantime, click below to hear the song "LSD" from Heavy Drag. If there's any justice in this world, Heavy Drag will play next year's Austin Psych Fest. We'll see if it actually happens or not.


Sean Showalter - "It Takes Love"

Greetings, weirdos! Brian No Funeral here and I've got another treat for you today, pulled straight from the bowels of the Capital City (a.k.a. Austin, Texas).

Say hello to local troubadour Sean Showalter. Showalter plays an interesting mix of gospel, folk, and blues that has been refined by three years of playing the open mic/songwriter circuit here in Central Texas. You're probably thinking to yourself, "Oh great, more crap like Bob Schneider." You couldn't be further from the truth. Showalter avoids the Armadillo World Headquarters trappings (look it up if you don't get the reference) and guides his music into more original territories. Showalter's music is best described as though Travis Meeks from Days of the New carried a serious Delta Blues influence. It's cool stuff.

Showalter was kind enough to gift us with his latest single, "It Takes Love." Recorded in his South Austin home, "It Takes Love" highlights what is possible when a dude with his acoustic lets it all hang out. Click on the link below to download "It Takes Love." More info as it becomes available. Look for a follow-up article in the near future.

Sean Showalter - "It Takes Love"


Dienstag, 25. November 2014

Face Your Enemy - Toxic Vendetta

01. We Got Game 02. Toxic Vendetta 03. Hardcore Militia 04. P.M.A. (Pizza Mental Attitude) 05. Est. 2005 06. Live Fast, Die Young 07. Pride (Madpizza Style) Purchase

Samstag, 8. November 2014

Western Mass metallic HC with members of ALERT,MANIAC,VIOLENCE TO FADE and many more.Pretty good if you ask me.

Helsinki`s finest HC/Thrash/Crossover bastards have finaly released their highly anticipated full length and guess what : IT FUCKING RIPS!

Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2014

Run The Jewels 2

To those suckers who missed the first one which was apeshit awesome enough, RTJ2 is straight blowing out the stratosphere, this is one of the best albums in 2014, and possibly one of the best albums ever. BLOW UP!

Dienstag, 28. Oktober 2014

The No Funeral PodTape Vol. 5: Red State Riot

Greetings, weirdos. This edition of the No Funeral Podtape is companion/conclusion to last month's all-Texas episode. Yep, all of the bands on this episode are also from the Lone Star State with the usual samples from The Simpsons.

Samples (in order): Moe and Barney, Simpsons Intro, Grandpa, Apu, Apu, Bart, Grandpa, Barney, Barney, Apu, Apu, Bart, Apu, Apu, Apu, Apu, Apu, Apu. Apu, Apu, Bart, Apu, Bart, Apu, Bart, Bart, Bart, Bart, Snorky the Dolphin, Grandpa, Bart, Bart, Grandpa, Apu, Simpson Outro.

Tracklist (in order):

Feign - "Dig" (Mudvayne) - We Are Triumphant Nu-Metal Sampler - W.A.T. (Houston)
Iron Age - "Dispossessed" - The Sleeping Eye - Tee Pee Records (Austin)
Nothing More - "This is the Time (Ballast)" - Nothing More - Eleven Seven Music (San Antonio)
Mammoth Grinder - "Devoured By Fear" - Extinction of Humanity - Relapse (Austin)
Blood For Master - "Walk on Water" - Blood For Master - self released (Austin)
Ancient VVisdom - "Look Alive" - Deathlike - Prosthetic (Austin)
Bowel - "No Escape" - Ploughers of Land and Sea - Skum Records (Houston)
Puncture - "Gag Rule" - Puncture - Century Media (Arlington)
Skrew - "Feast" - Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame - Metal Blade (Austin)
Oceans of Slumber - "God in Skin" - Aetherial - self-released (Houston)
Nazi Gold - "Rhythm" - A Message of Love - Super Secret Records (Austin)
Sea of Thousand - "Cut Yourself for Fun" - The Church of Total Collapse - State of Mind Recordings (Austin)
Mindless - "Mock Execution" - Planet of Pestilence - To Live A Lie (Austin)
Disfigured - "Survival of the Dead" - Blistering of the Mouth - Comatose Music (Austin)


Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2014

This Pittsburgh outfit plays heavy metallic hardcore for people who like to hurt other people!
This is their newest release.Support this band by buying this shit.

UNIT 731 - The Hive Mind

Dienstag, 30. September 2014

The No Funeral PodTape Vol. 4

Here we go, it's time for No Funeral PodTape Vol. 4. Just like last time, this PodTape is exclusively using samples from The Simpsons. Now, you're probably thinking to yourself, "If you're using Simpsons samples again, then what's up with Hank Hill?" Well, what's up with Hank is Hank is stoked for Vol. 4 of the PodTapes because this one is all bands from Texas. They're mostly from Austin but the whole state is represented. Stay tuned for more ignorance and, if you have any questions or whatnot, feel free to hit me up on the No Funeral Facebook page.

Samples (in order):

Homer, The Simpsons theme song (intro), Dr. Nick, Grandpa Simpson, Bart, Bart, Lisa, Apu,  Homer and Mindy, Ralph Wiggum, Rex Banner, Homer, Dr. Nick, Homer, Young Ned Flanders, Lisa, Apu, Edna Krabappel, Groundskeeper Willie, Groundskeeper Willie, Lisa, Homer, Krusty, Apu, Moe, Groundskeeper Willie, Homer, Apu, Grandpa Simpson, Groundskeeper Willie, Marge, Apu, Homer, Homer, Lisa, Nelson, Apu, Homer, Apu, Groundskeeprer Willie, Little girl at Springfield Elementary School, Dr. Nick (Bye Everybody), The Simpsons theme song (outro),

Tracklist (in order):

The Sword - "Dying Earth" - Apocryphon - Razor and Tie (Austin)

50/50 - "Gator Mutilation" - Skate Gore EP - 625 Productions (Houston)

Bitter End - "Panic/Climate of Fear" - Climate of Fear - Deathwish Inc. (San Antonio)

Insect Warfare - "Mass Communication Mindfuck" - World Extermination - 625 Productions (Houston)

American Sharks - "Demon with Glass Sword" - American Sharks - The End (Austin)

Chest Pain - "Wage Against The Machine" - debut EP - To Live A Lie (Austin)

Pretty Little Flower - "The Story of Ricky" - Devious Persecution and Wholesale Slaughter - Six Weeks (Houston)

Fire From The Gods - "The Capitalist" - Politcally Incorrect - self released (Austin)

Power Trip - "Crossbreaker" - Manifest Decimation - Southern Lord (Ft. Worth)

At The Drive In - "One Armed Scissor" - Relationship of Command - Grand Royal (El Paso)

Bickley - "Calling All Punks" - Kiss the Bunny - Fearless (Houston)

Hatred Surge - "God Complex" - Human Overdose - Iron Lung Records (Austin)

Dead Horse - "The Lark Nest" - Peaceful Death and Pretty Flowers - Metal Blade (Houston)

Burnt Skull - "God Hole" - Sewer Birth - 12XU (Austin)

Seeker - "Pale Death" - Unloved - Victory (Dallas)

DSGNS - "Thousand Yard Stare" - WSTLND - self released (Austin)

Bloody Knives - "I Want to Be the One to Blame" - Disappear EP - self released (Austin)

Pantera - "Revolution Is My Name" - Reinventing The Steel - Atlantic Records (Arlington)

Click below to play!


Sonntag, 28. September 2014


Bongley Dead

Bitchin' punk / indie / math / something from Ponte Buggianese, Tuscany

Mittwoch, 24. September 2014

Injustice 4 all

Its been a fucking long time since I really posted something.Well life can suck you dry sometimes.
This blog never was known for daily updates anyways.But thanks to my awesome blog buddies BreakYa an No Funeral who do an awesome job to stay on the sinking ship, a big Thanks!

Heres a band for everyone who cant get enough of that LEEWAY and old MERAUDER sound.One of the best releases of this year so far.

Montag, 22. September 2014

Ill Informed - Adapt or Die

Ill Informed
Adapt or Die
Hardware Records (EU)/Sorry State Records (US)

Adapt or Die is the second cassette EP from San Antonio power violence/fastcore band Ill Informed.  This band plays 625 Thrashcore-style ignorant speed punk that, unlike so many other bands from Texas, doesn't devolve into mosh metal. MRR purists will be stoked! Punk fans will be stoked! Humans will be stoked!

This five song cassette (the program repeats on both sides) is available in Europe from Hardware Records and is available stateside from Sorry State Records for only $3.50! Hogwild Records in San Antonio had copies but I think the store sold out. No Austin stores have copies right now but they will be stocked after the second pressing. Long-story-short: this tape is gaining momentum among the metal/punk community.

As far as I know, Ill Informed has no touring plans on the horizon but these guys gig out all the time. If you find yourself in the I-35 Corridor (San Antonio, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Austin, Waco, etc...), Ill Informed play live in this area constantly. Adapt or Die is mandatory listening. If you have ever at any point been a fan of Lack of Interest, Extortion, Infest, Mammoth Grinder, or Hatred Surge; then you need to download this immediately!

Ill Informed - Adapt or Die


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