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This is so fucking good

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Tumor Circus - Self-Titled LP

Tumor Circus
Tumor Circus
Alternative Tentacles

Hola, weirdos. Brian No Funeral here with a quick blast before I head to work. Today, I've posted the Tumor Circus LP. For those not in the know, Tumor Circus was a short-lived side project band featuring members of Grong Grong and Steel Pole BathTub with the legendary Jello Biafra on vocals. Tumor Circus played late 80s/early 90s style noise rock with splashes of the classic grunge sound and literate, demented lyrics.

The VILLAGE VOICE recently asked Biafra about the Tumor Circus record and he said that it's the most criminally underrated album of his career. I agree. Check out the song "Take Me Back or I'll Drown Our Dog" for further proof of this album's radness. If this had been released by AmRep instead of Alternative Tentacles, then people would have eaten up at the time. Well, it's not to late to discover a ground-breaking record.

Tumor Circus - Tumor Circus


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Infest - 1987-2002 (discography CD)

Deep Six Records

Bueno, que tal? It's Brian No Funeral and, today, I'm reposting the INFEST discography CD for a number of reasons.

First, I'm still not sure if this CD has actually been released or not. It was delayed for over a decade by both the band and the record company (as you can imagine, finances are an issue for these Southern Californians). I think it has been officially released by now because Infest is back as an active, touring band. The fact that this discography has been circulating on the internet for so long has directly contributed to the Infest revival.

Second, did you hear me a moment ago when I said Infest got back together? Well, if you're fortunate enough to live near Dallas, Infest is going to play its only Texas show this year at the Diablo Ranch next month. Check out the show flier...

WEEKEND NACHOS, MINDLESS, and CHEST PAIN are also playing this show. Click here for more details. I know that caravans from Austin and from Houston are being planned. You have no excuse if you live in the D/FW area.

Finally, if you claim to be a fan of brutal metal and hardcore, then Infest is mandatory listening. This band was (and still is) a major influence on a whole generation of weirdos and, alongside MAN IS THE BASTARD, changed the perception of what's possible in DIY underground rock. Download this now!


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Emptiness - Nothing But The Whole

Nothing But The Whole
Dark Descent Records

Greetings, weirdos. It's been too long since I dropped knowledge on you all so let's get to it.

Nothing But The Whole is the bizarre and disturbing new LP from Belgium's Emptiness. Like anything from the land of Marc Dutroux, Nothing But The Whole is morbid, uncomfortable, and inappropriate.

So, who is Emptiness? As previously mentioned Emptiness is a strange metal band from Belgium that formed in 1998. For those that care about pedigree, Emptiness shares two members with black metal band Enthroned. For those interested in the sound of this band, where do I start?

It's blackened metal but it's not black metal. There are no Varg-style, Hot Topic moments to be found on Nothing But The Whole. Emptiness may be down with the evil ones but this record sounds closer to what the Swans and Psychic TV were doing back in the 80s than any kind of blast attack. Don't get me wrong. There are plenty of awesome riffs and killer drum beats but the point of the record is not to pound the listener into submission with riffs. Rather, Nothing But The Whole is designed to make you feel uncomfortable.

If Tony Iommi's goal was to make scary records in order to freak out people, then Emptiness has finally perfected his model. If I had to describe the band's sound (and I do), I'd qualify it as a mixture of Big Black and Red Harvest with touches of Black Sabbath (duh), Whitehouse, and Abruptum. Basically, if you've ever heard of any of these bands besides Black Sabbath, then this record is for you.

For everyone else, take a chance on something new. Keep in mind that this is not good-time party music. Nothing But The Whole will make you feel like you got beaten after you got a sunburn earlier that day, but it's worth it.

Emptiness - Nothing But The Whole


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Summertime Sandness Vol. 1 (Ignorant Mixtape)

Greetings all. Brian No Funeral here to make you boogie every chance like ants in the pants. How am I going to do this? With the Summertime Sandness mixtape! This is the first in a series of digital mixtapes and this one in particular features new music released within the last 12 months or so. There's no dipping into the past on this trip. We're blasting off into the future. Also, I make no apologies for the ludicrous amount of bands from Texas on this mixtape.

Below is the tracklist, followed by a few notes on each of the bands, followed by the download link. In the notes, each band's Facebook or Bandcamp page is linked in each band's name. Click on that hate and support these bands! As always, feel free to hit me up on Facebook with any questions, comments, or stock tips.

Summertime Sandness Vol. 1:

1. Dead Earth Politics - "Dos Cuerpos"
2. Iron Reagan - "Cops Don't Like Me, I Don't Like Cops"
3. ABRAMS - "Limped Off"
4. Weekend Nachos - "You're Not Punk"
5. Destruction Unit - "Slow Death Sounds"
6. Twilight - "Below Light"
7. Trash Talk - "The Hole"
8. Oathbreaker - "No Rest for the Weary"
9. I.E.D. - "Intestinal Fortitude"
10. Silver Snakes - "All Your Eye"
11. Secret Cutter - "End of Sylvan"
12. Ringworm - "I Recommend Amputation"
13, Pretty Little Flower - "Blistered Dejection"
14. Southern Front - "Pale Face"
15. Misery Index - "Colony Collapse"
16. Psalm Zero - "The Drain"
17. EyeHateGod - "Agitation! Propaganda!"
18. Boddicker - "Gun Walker"
19. Mammoth Grinder - "Wraparound Eyes"
20. Incarceration - "Forsaken and Forgotten"
21. Enabler - "Arise" (Sepultura)
22. DSGNS - "Denial of Service"
23. Body Count - "Pop Bubble"
24. Dead In The Dirt - "You Bury Me"
25. ACxDC - "Death Spare Not the Tiger"
26. UglyTwin - "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" (Smashing Pumpkins)
27. Abuse - "Cold Sweat"
28. Backstabbers Inc. - "Sound the Alarms"
29. Trap Them - "Lungrunners"

NOTES (same order as the tracklist):

Dead Earth Politics (Austin, TX)
"Dos Cuerpos" taken from the The Weight of Poseidon LP.
* Five-man Austin kill team uses the combined resources of the governor's office and the University of Texas to prove, once and for all, that combining Iron Maiden's harmonies with Lamb Of God's riffs is not only repeatable under laboratory conditions but it also stays crunchy in your headphones.

Iron Reagan (Richmond, VA)
"Cops Don't Like Me, I Don't Like Cops" taken from the Spoiled Identity EP.
* Former Darkest Hour personnel team up with current Municipal Waste members in order to unleash a  hurricane-force thrash attack. This band is beloved here in Austin. Iron Reagan recently signed with Relapse. Let's hope that they stick around for decades to come.

ABRAMS (Denver, CO)
"Limped Off" taken from the February EP.
* ABRAMS is a new band from Denver that plays a bizarre combination of stoner rock, grunge, and Jesus Lizard-style noise rock. When I say recent, I mean that ABRAMS formed in the Fall of 2013. Highly recommended for fans of Ken Mode, Daughters, and the entire AmRep roster.

Weekend Nachos (Chicago, IL)
"You're Not Punk" taken from the Still LP.
* These Chicago manics are keeping the Infest/Lack Of Interst/Deep Six Records style of power violence alive and well in the 2010s. This song was taken from the band's Relapse debut. Speaking of which, Weekend Nachos is opening for Infest this July in Dallas.

Destruction Unit (Memphis, TN)
"Slow Death Sounds" taken from the Deep Trip LP.
* This band plays psychedelic sludge metal. If that sounds weird, it's because the band sounds weird. Another band that's in Austin all the time. Destruction Unit played last month's Austin Psych Fest and played this weekend's A Weekend In Austin.

Twilight (Chicago, IL)
"Below Light" taken from the III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb LP.
* I could be glib and refer to this as Thurston Moore's black metal band but Twilight is so much more than that. Closer in spirit to Xasthur than Emperor. This song is from the band's final album.

Trash Talk (Sacramento, CA)
"The Hole" taken from the No Peace LP.
* From the land that brought you the Deftones and Kevin Johnson, Trash Talk returns with another killer album of power violence-influenced thrash punk.Constantly on tour, often with Odd Future, Trash Talk is embarking on an ambition free tour this summer. Check it out.

Oathbreaker (Ghent, Belgium)
"No Rest for the Weary" taken from the Eros/Anteros LP.
* On the surface, it would appear that Oathbreaker is more of Deathwish Inc.'s blackened hardcore a la Deafheaven but Oathbreaker has better riffs, a better singer, and isn't nearly as hipster-ish as that other band I mentioned.

I.E.D. (Chicago, IL)
"Intestinal Fortitude" taken from the Deathdealer EP.
* Self-described "full-auto, 5.56 mm Chicago deathcore" annihilates eardrums as well as human life. Deathcore done right. Imagine an Operation Iraqi Freedom-themed version of Xibalba. Recommended for prior service military.

Silver Snakes (Los Angeles, CA)
"All Your Eye" taken from the Year Of The Snake LP.
* One of the most unusual records ever released by Bridge 9 Records (home of tons of straightedge, beatdown hardcore bands) is in reality a fairly conventional sounding record but these guys have the skills to pay the bills. Imagine a combination of Far, Only Living Witness, the original lineup of the Smashing Pumpkins, with a dash of Tool. Outstanding.

Secret Cutter (Bethlehem, PA)
"End of Sylvan" taken from the Secret Cutter LP.
*  Like Toki Wartooth, I has confessions to makes: this Pennsylvania three-piece has released my favorite record so far this year. Criminally underrated. Support this freaking band!

Ringworm (Cleveland, OH)
"I Recommend Amputation" taken from the Hammer of the Witch LP.
*  Hatecore legends and last-men-standing from the old days of Cleveland hardcore, Ringworm return with their Relapse debut and best album so far. Makes Deicide sound like Katy Perry.

Pretty Little Flower (Houston, TX)
"Blistered Dejection" taken from the Devious Persecution And Wholesale Slaughter LP.
* This long-running H-Town grind band unleashes deadly riffs and dangerous ideas on its latest album. Still pissed. Still living that Richmond Ave. life.

Southern Front (Austin, TX)
"Pale Face" taken from the Seasons of Hate EP.
* Southern Front proudly continues the Texas metal tradition without falling into the trappings of that certain band from Arlington with a deceased guitarist. Seasons of Hate is cut from the same cloth as Dead Horse, Rigor Mortis, Pissing Razors, and the like. Killer stuff!

Misery Index (Baltimore, MD)
"Colony Collapse" taken from the The Killing Gods LP.
*  The band that started life as an entire former Dying Fetus lineup, Misery Index returns with another album full of caustic social commentary backed by blistering death/grind. Think of a death metal version of DRI.

Psalm Zero (Queens, NY)
"The Drain" taken from the The Drain LP.
* Two-man weirdo band from NYC. Psalm Zero kind of sounds like David Gahan from Depeche Mode fronting Godflesh. Alternating between ambient passages and soul-crushing sludge. I can't wait to hear more from this band.

EyeHateGod (New Orleans, LA)
"Agitation! Propaganda!" taken from the EyeHateGod LP.
* The band that rose from semi-homeless drug addicts to cultural icons is back with its first new album in 14 years. This song, the album's lead single, is a circle-pitting good time. This is the most focused EyeHateGod has ever been. Maybe the band's best record, maybe...

Boddicker (Indianapolis, IN)
"Gun Walker" taken from the False Flag EP.
*  Part d-beat, part grindcore. Boddicker is here to tell you how unpleasant life is in the Midwest after The Great Recession. This is what blind rage sounds like. New album later this year on Profane Existence Records.

Mammoth Grinder (Austin, TX)
"Wraparound Eyes" taken from the Underworlds LP.
*  The move from Relapse Records to 20 Buck Spin didn't affect these Austin weirdos at all. If you ask me, Underworlds is the band's best material so far. On tour constantly, often with Power Trip or Hatred Surge, catch them live before they party to death.

Incarceration (Hamburg, Germany)
"Forsaken and Forgotten" taken from the Sacrifice EP.
*  Originally from Brazil and now based in Germany, Incarceration plays old-school death metal in the vein of Possessed, Repugnant, and Metal Blade-era Slayer. Switching continents didn't affect the evil emanating from your speakers.

Enabler (Milwaukee, WI)
"Arise" taken from the Flies EP.
* Enabler is a one-band subgenre name-game mindfuck. The band plays D-beat/death metal/hardcore/punk rock/grind brutality. They sound like everything at once. I was going to use a song from the new record but I couldn't resist throwing a Sepultura cover on this thing.

DSGNS (Austin, TX)
"Denial of Service" taken from the LXCN EP.
* ATX noisecore titans (who, by the way, opened for Between the Buried and Me last night) rearrange your psyche and your soul. Recommended for people who think Deadguy should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Absolutely essential for people who think of Botch in the way that normal people regard The Beatles.

Body Count (Los Angeles, CA)
"Pop Bubble" taken from the Manslaughter LP.
*  America's greatest black metal band returns from a lengthy break with its best album. I heard Ice T say that he'd rather play metal right now because, even though hip-hop is his first love, hip-hop is too fucking whack right now. He uses this album to explain why.

Dead In The Dirt (Atlanta, GA)
"You Bury Me" taken from the The Blind Hole LP.
* From the city that gave you Richard Jewell and Todd Chrisley comes Dead In The Dirt with filthy grindcore that owes as much to GG Allin as to Napalm Death. The Blind Hole is the band's Southern Lord debut and demonstrates how thoroughly unhinged this band actually is.

ACxDC (Los Angeles, CA)
"Death Spare Not the Tiger" taken from the Live: TBFH Session #003 cassette.
* They call themselves AntiChrist DemonCore but, to me, they're still the Anti-Cop Dorner Crew. Either way, LA's harshest and most controversial grind-violence band is back after a short hiatus. On tour everywhere. This song was record live somewhere in Southern California.

UglyTwin (Austin, TX)
"Bullet With Butterfly Wings" taken from the DSGNS/UglyTwin split CD.
*  Austin's UglyTwin is a fascinating band. This is a harsh metal band that can't be placed into some easily defined category. I chalk it up to UglyTwin being one of those rare bands that actually uses its imagination but don't take my word for it. Check out how they discombobulate this Smashing Pumpkins hit.

Abuse. (Raleigh, NC)
"Cold Sweat" taken from the Abuse. LP.
*  Another one of my favorite records of 2014. Abuse. is the band with a period at the end of its name because there are 900 bands out there named Abuse. Anyway, this Abuse is equal parts Nasum and Insect Warfare. Of course, they broke up as soon as I discovered this band, dashing any hopes of seeing them live.

Backstabbers Inc. (Portsmouth, NH)
"Sound the Alarms" taken from the Missing In Action LP.
*  The former band of Trap Them members Ryan McKenney and Brian Izzi reunites years later without them and turns in a high-quality record that doesn't reek of nostalgia or "the good old days." I wish it could have been a full reunion but Missing In Action is still really good so I'll take it. So, if Backstabbers Inc. is back up and running, what happened to those other two guys?

Trap Them (Boston, MA and points beyond)
"Lungrunner" taken from the Blissfucker LP.
*  This is what those other two guys have been up to lately. It's been three years since Trap Them dropped Darker Handcraft on us and that's entirely too long to wait in between Trap Them records. I have nothing but good things to say about this record and this band. You should too! Full review soon.

Summertime Sandness Vol. 1

More to follow. Stay tuned...


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Everybody, please welcome the one and only man behind No Funeral blog as the newest member of the 99MOBB family.
As a big NF fan for years now im really fucking proud.
Lets look forward to some actual writing on this blog again!


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